The BCF Wellness STEP

The Fund is dedicated to ensuring that the Black Car Industry has access to programs that contribute to the health and wellness of every member base and affiliated driver.

The Black Car Fund Wellness, Safety and Education Program (STEP) offers affiliated drivers of our member bases access to exclusive wellness seminars. Through this program, drivers can learn how to maintain a healthy life style physically, and mentally through a couple of diverse seminars.

Year after year, the Wellness Program remains very popular amongst our members. The Save-A-Back seminar and the Hands-Only CPR training brought many drivers to the Black Car Safety Center to learn tips and information on the safety of themselves and their passengers. Not only did they learn a wealth of information, they enjoyed themselves while doing so!

This year, our wellness program is back and better than ever! The one-day four-hour course encompasses the following five distinct components:

  • Healthy Driving
  • Transportation on Patrol
  • Hands only CPR
  • Share the Road
  • AMBER Alert Response Training

The Healthy Driving segment will address the issues of driving in metropolitan New York, and the affect it has on the drivers with an engaging and direct plan to take positive steps to correct the behaviors and habits that cause these problems. This program is dynamic, hands-on and fun! Drivers will receive instruction on posture, start movements, exercise and stress reduction. We have included a “refueling break” with healthy refreshments including nuts, high protein snack and mineral water. This segment is designed to involve drivers in a process that develops a positive and proactive plan to make decisions that will benefit our drivers and, ultimately, their families and clients.

The other three segments of the program are designed to help the Black Car Industry drivers take care of the community.  All of these programs are intended to develop community involvement within our team of drivers.

The Hands Only CPR training and the Transportation on Patrol (TOP) program promote our drivers as valuable stewards of their community. With the information learned in these two segments, our drivers can act as a well-trained and unified team of “first responders”, ready and able to provide and direct urgent medical care and act as critical sentries able to assist police in keeping watch over our communities.

The Share the Road segment will reinforce our drivers’ sense of responsibility to provide leadership as the most responsible and professional team of drivers on the roadways of the New York metropolitan area.

The AMBER Alert Response Training segment educates our drivers on the history of the AMBER Alert system, why it is important, how to sign up to receive the AMBER Alerts and most importantly, how to proceed should they be in a situation where they believe they have identified either the missing child or suspected vehicle involved. 


Registration for the BCF Driver Wellness STEP courses opens on Wednesday, May 20th. Classes occur every Wednesday (10:30 AM to 2:30 PM) and the first class will be on Wednesday, June 3rd.

  • The course is exclusive to our member bases’ affiliated drivers. Drivers must register in advance to take the course. The Fund must obtain proof of base affiliation from the member base beforehand.  If we do not receive proof of base affiliation, drivers will not be able to take the course. 
  • Click here to see if your base is a member of The Black Car Fund
  • Drivers whose registration is confirmed will receive a confirmation email from us no later than Monday, two days before their scheduled class.
  • Walk ins will not be accepted.
  • Classes are limited to 30 attendees each week.
  • Driver may take advantage of this opportunity once
  • Go here to the Black Car Safety Center’s website and sign up!



Drivers who successfully complete the course will receive a $150 check mailed to them within 4 weeks after the date of the class.