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B02160 12th Street Luxury Cars, Inc.
B03135 28 Express Inc.
B03063 786 Transportation Rides, Inc.
B02834 811 Transit Corp.

B03187 A&J Car Service Corp.
B02823 AAA Family Limousine Service, Inc.
B02919 A List Luxury Services LLC (dba Leading Black Car Services)
B02155 ABA Luxury Car, Inc.
B02976 Abel Black Car Inc.
B03173 Abian Transportation Inc.
B02967 Abiel Transportation Corp.
B00888 Ace Car & Limousine Service, Inc.
B02871 Acht-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02889 Achtzehn-NY,LLC(Uber)
B02173 Admire LLP.
Plattsburgh Advance Care Transportation Inc.
B02833 Advance Luxury Limo Svc Inc.
B02979 Advantage Limo of NY Inc.
B02550 Agape Luxury Corp.
Clinton City Aging and Handicap Transportation Inc.
B00277 All City Corporate Transportation, Inc.
B03031 Alliance Limousine
07-00110 Alliance Limousine
B03172 Allied Black Car Service LLC
B01899 Allstate Private Car & Limo.
B01871 Alphine Limousine Service, Inc.
B03080 Ambar Transportation Inc.,
B02060 American Limousine LLC.
B02520 AMK Luxury Car & Limo Inc.
B01957 Amino, Inc. (dba Chris Limousine U.S.A.)
Westchester Ann's Car & Limousine Service
B02817 Anytime Forsyth Transport Corp.
B03064 AP Luxury Limousine Inc.
B02951 Approach Quality Transportation LLC
B01779 Apex Car & Limo Service, Inc.
B00235 Aristacar & Limousine Ltd.
B02794 ASAP Luxe Inc.
B02252 Asiana Limousine, Inc.
B03028 Atlantis Transportation Services Inc.
B02510 Atlas Travel & Limousine Inc.
B03018 Aureus LLC.
B00084 Automotive Service Systems, Inc.
B02003 Avalon Corporate Car, Inc.
B02712 Avenue O Car Service.
Westchester Axum Corp. d/b/a Central Park Limousine & RE's Westfair
B03001 A-Z Access Car Service Inc.

B00000 Baronas Luxury II Inc.
B03042 Bayridge Express Luxury Inc.
B03176 Bee Bee Luxury Service Inc.
Nassau Bejewel US Inc d/b/a
B02814 Bell LX, Inc.
B00381 Bell Radio, Inc.
B02952 Bellerose Car & Limo Service Inc
B01907 Ben's Luxury Car & Limousine Service, Inc.
B03177 Bernice Services Inc.
B03016 Best Deal Black Inc.
B03110 Better Car & Limousine Service Inc.
B00272 Big Apple Car, Inc.
B03022 Black Car Corp
B02972 Blessing Transportation Group, Inc.
B03061 Blue Eagle Transportation Service Corp.
B03062 BQN Voucher Inc.,
B03070 BR-Addo LLC
B02360 Bridges Limousine Inc d/b/a Excellent Limousine Service Ltd.
B02911 British Luxury Transportation, Inc.
B02849 Brooklyn Ride Corp.
Buffalo Buffalo Taxi Services, Inc.
B02355 BWJ Group Inc.

B02917 C&A Black Car, Corp.
B02460 Cabot Limo NY Corp.
B02005 Car Line Transportation Corp.
B00837 Carey Limousine NY, Inc.
xxxxxx Carey Limousine Stamford, Inc.
B02629 Carlux Limo Inc.
B03028 Castillo Car & Limo Inc.
B02770 Cavalier Car and Limousine, Inc.
Westchester CCS Group LLC dba Nationwide Transportation
B02924 Celebrity Luxury Inc.
B02069 CET Group, Inc.
B02868 Cha Cha Transportation Corp.
Essex Chaddher Imports Inc.
B00053 Charge & Ride, Inc.
B02503 Charge & Ride Luxury, Inc.
B02723 Charlie Black Car Inc.
B03076 Charritos Black Car Inc.
B02522 Chauffeured Executive Transportation, LLC.
B02331 Chico Express Service Corp.
B02551 Chief Limo Inc.
B03119 China Transit, LLC.
B01957 Chris Limousine U.S.A. Inc.
B02797 CJ Limousine LLC
B03123 Clay Transportation Inc.
B02599 CMS Limo, Inc.
B00446 Communicar, Inc.
B02095 Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation of NY, LLC
B00628 Concord Limousine, Inc.
B02127 Continental Ride, Inc. d/b/a I & I Transportation
B03072 Convenience Ride Transportation Services Inc.
B03142 Cool Way Technology, Inc.
B02664 Corporate Car Ltd.
B02532 Cozy Ride Limousine, Inc.
B02253 Crestwood Car & Limousine Services, Ltd.
B03010 CSL Manhattitude Executive Transportation LLC(d/b/a CSL Transportation)
Westchester CTG Logistics, Inc
B03160 Curb Transportation Services, LLC

B02761 D &M Express Inc.
B01944 DAG Network Transportation
B02913 DAT Transportation Inc.
B02764 Danach-NY, LLC.(Uber)
B00448 Dial Car, Inc.
B02881 Diane Car Service, Inc.
B01928 Discover Limo, Inc. d/b/a Infinity Limo
B03083 Divine Luxury Transportation Inc.
B02846 DLS Transportation Corp.
B02184 DMCLS, Inc.
B02835 Dreist-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02884 Dreizehn-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02836 Drinnen-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02534 DV Luxury Transportation Corp.

B02646 E Cars & Limo Service, Inc.
B02638 Eager Limo Service Inc.
Westchester Eagle Towncar & Limousine Service
B02207 Eastern Luxury, Inc.
B03060 Eastland Black Cars Corp.
B02475 Eckford Lite Car & Limo Inc.
B02872 Eins-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02887 Einundzwanzig-NY,LLC(Uber)
B02878 Elf-NY, LLC(Uber)
B01087 Elite Coach Inc.
B01087 Elite Limousine Plus, Inc.
B02966 Elegant Luxury Limo, LLC
B01800 Empire International, Ltd. (dba EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services)
B02844 Endor Car & Driver, LLC
Buffalo Entransit, LLC
B03156 Epic Car Service Inc.
B03078 Equaltrans LLC
B00208 Ernest Schwarz, Inc.
B01854 Europe Limousine Service Inc.
B02256 Europe Limo Svc Inc d/b/a Blink Limo Company
B00202 Excelsior Car & Limo.
B02101 ExecTransport, Inc.
B02011 Executive Town Car & Limo Corp.
B03152 Exit Luxury Inc.
B03193 Expert Care Transportation, Inc. (dba Expert Transportation)
B03055 Explorer Express Inc.
00028-15 Express Car & Limousine Service
B02860 Every Where Limo Service, Inc.
B02492 LLC d/b/a Easy Car

B02749 Face Limo, Inc.
B02897 FC Limousine Inc.
B02563 Fenix XL Car and Limo Service Corp.
B02254 Finesse Group Limousine, Inc.
B02918 First Class Luxury Inc.
B01949 First Class of New York Inc.
B02819 Five Star Luxury
B02800 Flatiron Transit, LLC(Via)
B01998 Fleet Management d/b/a First Corporate Sedans
B00280 Fleet Radio Dispatch Corporation d/b/a MinuteMen
B03033 Flex Express Corp.
B02345 Flyte Line Transportation, LLC
B00411 Fone-A-Car, Inc.
Nassau For All Seasons Limousine Network, Ltd.
B02996 Forever Blue Car Service
B03066 Fourty-Four Car & Limo Inc.
B02867 Funf-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02879 Funfzehn-NY, LLC(Uber)

B02901 Gallant Luxury Service Corp.
B03075 Gaynor Enterprises, LLC(dba Med Fleet)
B02998 Genesis Luxury Transportation Corp.
B02891 Glide Luxury Transportation, Inc
B01861 Global Limousine Service
B02990 Go My Sedan LLC
B03011 Good Day Transportation Inc.
01-00195 Golden Carriage Limousine, Inc.
B02612 Golden Luxury Transportation, Inc.
B02989 Good Friends Car Service Inc.
B01970 Grafe Street Service Corp.
B02932 Grand Transportation Services Inc. (d/b/a Ryde NYC)
B02921 Gravitas Primo, LLC
B02939 Great Express Car & Limousine Services, Inc.
B03136 Greenpoint Transit LLC
B02715 GroundAnywhere, LLC.
B02468 Groundlink Holdings, LLC d/b/a Groundlink You're Good to Go
B02334 Ground Travel Services II, LTD / d/b/a GTS Franchise
B02067 Group Americar
B02765 Grun, LLC.
B02566 GSL Limousines Corporation
B02825 Guadalupana II Car & Limo, Inc.
B03191 Guillen Transportation Services Inc.
B02963 Gulf Luxury Inc.
B03153 Gypsy Transportation Corp.

B03093 Hampton's Transsportation Service Inc.
B02955 Hana Transportation Corp.
07-00073 Harrison Car Service Inc.
B02539 Hawk Car and Limo Service
B02962 Health Black Car Services, Corp. d/b/a Adon
B03023 Hermany Limo Transportation, LLC
B03147 HH Car Service Inc.
B00552 Hinomaru Enterprises, Inc.
B03069 Hinomaruny International Inc.
B02598 Hinter, LLC.(Uber)
B03167 Holla Car & Limo, LLC
B02973 Hollywood Limo Service Inc.
B03006 Hudson Heights Transportation Inc.
B02248 Hybrid Limo Express, Inc.
B03131 Hytch Holding LLC

B01989 ICS-NY, Inc.
B02267 Iffy Towncar Service, Inc. d/b/a Roslyn Limousine
B02554 Immediate Luxury Car & Limo Servicem Inc.
B03150 InDriver NY LLC
B00477 Inta-Boro Acres, Inc.
B02552 Interstate Luxury Limousines Inc.
B03056 Inspiration Group Inc.
01-00035 Iwagami Limousine, Inc.

B03094 JBE Limo Inc.
B03188 JC Luxury Inc.
Westchester JC and M, Inc.
B00000 JD Xpress Inc.
B02903 JFK Luxury Limo, Inc.
B02847 Joy Luxury, Inc.
B02855 Juniors Luxury Inc.
B03144 Just a Moment Car Service Inc.

B02997 Kaluma Transportation Group Inc.
B03196 Kayl Inc.
B02732 Keshes, Inc.
B00000 Kingsmen Limousine Inc.
B02725 Kirin Transportation, Inc.
B03164 Kiss Luxury Transportation Inc.
B02767 Kismet International, Inc.
B02152 Kyoei Limousine, Inc.

B02222 L & D Limousine Service Corp.
B03200 L&J Logistics, Corp.
B03161 La Mexicana Express 2 Inc.
05-0095 Lanas Limo, Inc.
B02747 Legend Luxury Limo Inc.
B00236 Last Radio Group
B02742 Legend Luxury Limo Inc.
B02667 Leon Luxury Limo, Inc.
B02918 Leopard Inc.
B02630 Level Limo, Inc.
B02535 LFS Limo Corp.
Buffalo Liberty Communications, Inc.
Westchester Liberty International Trading, LLC.
Buffalo Liberty Medicar Inc.
B02975 Li Yang Limousine, Inc.
B00000 Limo 360 Inc.
B02735 Limo Seven Transportation, Inc.
B02916 LJC Limo Service Inc.
B03089 Lluma Transportation Corp.
B02655 Long Island City Car & Limo Inc.
B02517 Los Paisanos Luxury Car Service, Inc.
B02729 Low Touch Luxury Inc.
B00013 Love Corporate Car, Inc.
B00306 Love Limousine NYC Ltd.
B02447 Luigi Memo Inc d/b/a View
B03143 Luxoride Inc.
B01985 Luxury Worldwide Transportation, LLC.
TNC170001 Lyft, Inc.(non NYC TLC)

B00623 Manhattan International Limousine Network, LLC.
01-00177 Marathon Car &Limousine Service, Inc.
B02856 Mariachi Car Service Inc.
B03124 Marr Limo LLC
B00000 Matthew's Limo Inc.
B02148 Mavrik Trans, Inc.
B02769 Mavros Transportation Inc.
B03105 Mazna Transportation Corporation.
B03101 MBS Limos LTD
B02977 Medrock Car Service, Inc.
B02949 Meem Services Inc.
B03077 MGL Transportation01, Inc.
B03113 Mike's VIP Transportation, Inc.
B02822 Milky Way Limo Corp.
B01913 Mirage Limousine Service, Inc.
B02303 Mineola Transportation, Inc
B01794 Mizuma International, Inc.
B03139 MJ Luxury Inc.
B02811 M.L. Trips Corp.
B02440 MLL Limousine Services, Inc.
B02960 Murray Express Car Service Inc.
B02175 Murray's Limousine Service, Inc.
B02406 My Sedan, LLC.

B03116 Navi Transportation Inc.
B02809 NBT Transportation, Inc.
B02902 N.Y Car & Limo Services, Inc
B00014 N.Y. One Corporate Car, Inc.
B02928 N.Y.M Express Inc.
B02588 ND Line Inc.
B03165 Nerd Wahed, Inc.
B03088 Nesh Limousine Service LLC (dba NLS NYC)
B02870 Neun-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02240 New Apple Trans, Inc.
B02826 New Bell Luxury Corp.
B02899 New Black Luxury Cars Corp.
B02472 New Bushwick Luxury, Inc.
B02968 New Generation Black Car Transportation Corp.
B03174 New Heaven Luxury Inc
B02401 New North Side Luxury Corp.
B02240 New York Apple V.I.P., Corp.
Westchester New York Finest Luxury Car & Limousine Service LLC.
J00001 Newport Corporate Car
B02880 Neunzehn-NY, LLC(Uber)
B03086 Nuvo Rideshare Inc.
B03130 NYBC Luxury Limousine LLC
B00412 NYC 2 Way International Ltd.
B02398 NY Premier & Limousine Inc.
B02863 NYC Middtown Limo Corp.
B02928 NYM Express Inc.

B01183 Odyssey Transportation, LLC.
B03035 Omaha LLC
B01875 On Line Limousine LLC.
B03186 One Stop Ride LLC.
B02947 Onix Transportation, Inc.
B02978 Onyx 1 Inc.
B02852 OP Car Service, Inc.
B02110 Optimum Car & Limo, Inc.
B02965 Orion Luxury Corp.
B02929 Ottoman Transportation Inc.
B02727 Oscar Limousine Inc.

B03170 Paisa Classic Black Inc.
B02608 Parada Luxury Inc.
B00227 Park West Executive Services d/b/a Town Car
B02662 Pasha Enterprise Corp
B02217 PCS Limousine, Inc
B03192 Perfection Car Services Inc.
B03084 Persist Corporation
B02408 Peter Executive Limousine Corp.
B03129 Phase One Transport Inc.
B02016 Planet Limousine, LLC.
B01899 Platinum Car Corporation
B02418 Plush Services, Corp.
B02410 Polo Limousine, Corp.
B02739 Pratt Luxury Service Inc.
B02783 Preferred Care Transportation Service, Inc.
B02699 Presidential Luxury Limo, Inc.
B02886 Prince Luxury Corp.
B00296 Prime Time Transportation, Inc.
B03175 Priscilla Black Car Inc.
B03057 Prospect Luxury Car Service
B02905 Puebla Luxury Corp.
B02909 Puerto Rico Express Black Luxury Inc.

B03030 Q-First Limousine Corp.
B01876 Quality Executive Limousine, LLC.
B02342 Quest International Limousine, Inc.
B02373 Quiet Services, Inc.

TNC170002 Raiser-NY, LLC.(Uber)(non NYC-TLC)
B02157 Reagan Conveyance Corp. (dba Delux Transportation Services)
B03179 Requestride Limo Inc.
B03002 Reyno, Inc.
B02499 Ricky Limousine Services, Inc.
B03199 Rincon Transportation LLC
B03049 Riverside Classic, Inc.
B02287 Road New York Enterprises, Inc.
B03109 Rolux Inc.
B01367 Royal Dispatch Services, Inc. d/b/a Executive Cars

B02907 Sabo One, LLC(Gett)
B02908 Sabo Two, LLC(Gett)
B02853 Safe Rides Car & Limo Services Inc.
B02926 SAI Executive Limo Corp
B02898 Sano Car, LLC
Westchester Sarinas Limo & Car Service Inc.
B02507 Sarah Ventures Inc.
B02651 Saros Transportation Group, Inc.
B02008 Scarsdale Veterans Car & Limousine Service, LLC.
B02682 Schmecken, LLC.(Uber)
B02994 Scorpio Five Star Car & Limo Service Inc.
B03017 SDR Transportation Corp.
B02429 Seagull Ride Corp
B02892 Seaman Express Corp
B02875 Sechs-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02883 Sechzen-NY, LLC(Uber)
B03111 Select Trans, Inc.
B02787 SempeRide LLC
B02762 Showtime Transportation, Corp.
B02864 Sieben-NY,LLC(Uber)
B02888 Siebzehn-NY,LLC(Uber)
B00111 Skyline Credit Ride, Inc.
B02841 Skyway Executive Service, Inc.
B03038 South Bronx Transportation,Inc.
B03158 SpotOn.Pet LLC
B02686 Standard Limousine & Car Service Group, LLC.
B03180 Staten Island Transportation Services Inc.
B02670 Stride Limo Worldwide, LLC
B03047 STS Luxury, Inc.
B00608 Summit Corporate Car, Inc.
B03194 Sunny Day Transportation, Corp. (dba Sun Light Car and Limo)
B02099 Sunny's Limousine Service, Inc.
B02352 Super Fast Limousine Service, Inc.
B02611 SS Limousine Service, Inc.

B02788 Take Me 2 Inc.
B02772 Tap & Ride, Inc.
B01197 Tel-A-Car of NY, LLC.
B02838 The Maya Car Service Inc.
B02382 The Original Dial Car & Limo, Inc.
B02341 Times Transportation, Inc.
01-00195 TLC Limousine Corp.
B03146 Tokyo Hinomaru Inc.
B03050 Torinko NY, LLC
B03029 Transcare Solutions Inc.
B03073 Transmedi, LLC
Commack Trawell Inc.
B02510 Tri-City, LLC(Lyft)
B03151 Triple J's Car Service Inc.
B02280 Tri-State Ground Transportation, LLC.
B02426 Tristar Services(US), Inc.
B02669 Truestar Limo Corp
B03166 Turing Enterprises Inc.
B02133 TWR Car & Limo, Inc.

B03127 Ultimate Black Car Corp.,
B02971 Ultra Black Car Transportation Corp.
B02369 Unicar Luxury, Inc.
B02992 UNLS Corp d/b/a Reliable Car & Limo Service
B02512 Unter, LLC.
B03024 Urban Car Services LLC.
B03025 Urban Luxury Inc.
B03098 USA Drivers Group Inc.
B01877 USA Limo, Inc.
B00271 UTOG 2-Way Radio, Inc.

B01803 V.I.P. Connection, Inc. d/b/a Car Link
B02470 Vahana Inc.
B02285 Valera Global, Inc.
B02865 Vier-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02876 Vierzehn-NY, LLC(Uber)
B03051 Ville De La Liberte Chauffeur Inc.,
B02930 V.I.T. Black Car Transporation
B02533 Vital Platinum Services, Inc.
B00789 Vital Transportation, Inc.
B02848 V R Worldwide, Inc.
B02914 Vulcan Cars, LLC d/b/a Juno

B03085 W Diamond Limo Inc.
B02956 W.K. Express Limo Service Inc.
B02345 Westchester Acquisition Corporation d/b/a Flyte Line Transportation
B02610 WC Transportation Service Group, Inc.
B02617 Weiter, LLC.(Uber)
B03045 White Glove Associates Inc.
B02950 WMC Service Inc
B03138 WST Limousine LLC
B02480 Woodhaven Limousine, Inc.

B00254 X Y Z Two Way Radio Service, Inc.
B02356 XYZ Limousine, Inc.

B03126 YUR Drivers Network, Inc.

B02866 Zwei-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02869 Zehn-NY, LLC(Uber)
B02882 Zwanzig-NY,LLC(Uber)
B02877 Zwolf-NY,LLC(Uber)
B03036 Zync Inc.
B03040 ZYT Express Corp.

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