Medical Providers/Vendor Payments

All physicians licensed to practice medicine in New York State may render emergency care for workers’ compensation injuries. However, in non-emergency situations physicians must be authorized by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) to treat workers' compensation claimants. All medical billing should be in accordance with the guidelines of the WCB Medical Fee Schedule and WCB Rules and Regulations. 

When claimants are receiving medical and compensation benefits, their medical bills must be sent to the workers' compensation insurance carrier. Compensational injury treatment and medical services are not to be processed through major medical insurance coverage or Medicare. Medical Providers needing to submit their Medical Treatment Guideline (MGT) Variance request (MG-2/2.1) should submit it by email to the Nurse Case Manager at or fax to 212.269.8655 to the attention of the Nurse Case Manager.

Medical Bill Submission

All medical bills sent to us should contain:

  • Required Medical Bill Treatment & Diagnosis Information
  • Proper CPT Coding
  • Our Claim Number (If Known)
  • WCB Case Number (if Known)

Medical bills (with the exception of Pharmacy and DME bills) MUST be submitted including all required information to:

The Black Car Fund
C/O TechSource National
595 Stewart Avenue, Suite 450
Garden City, NY 11530

or you can fax your bill to 800.521.6460

Pharmacy and DME bills as well a MG2 request  MUST be sent to our office address:

The Black Car Fund
30  Wall Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Fax: 212.269.8655
MG2's can also be emailed to 


Failure to send medical bills to the address listed above will delay processing of your payment in a timely manner. 

Medical Provider/Vendor Payments


We pay all of medical providers by one-time virtual credit cards that are issued by VPay. Once payment has been authorized by The Black Car Fund, you will receive a one-time use card or "VCard" for your payment with the explanation of benefits (EOR) attached by fax or by U.S. postal mail.

VCards are processed in the same manner as any other traditional credit card payment that you accept now, the only difference is that you don't have a plastic-type card, and there is no swiping. If you don't accept credit cards, we encourage you to begin doing so as you will receive payment for your service promptly. However, if you decide that this payment option is the best choice for you, when you receive the VCard, call the telephone number on the card and request for VPay to send a traditional paper check by U.S. Postal Mail. 

VPay Vendor Notification | Sample VCard (Payment Method)