Claimant Benefits


Workers' compensation insurance provides injured workers with compensation and medical benefits, or, in the case of death, survivor benefits to their dependents.

Medical Benefits may include hospitalization, doctor services, dentist services, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, x-rays, laboratory tests, nursing service, durable medical goods and prescribed drugs.

The Fund’s pharmacy benefits management program offers the option for you to obtain medication for a work-related injury or illness through the Integrated Prescription Solutions (IPS) Network. 

Note: IPS network pharmacies bill The Black Car Fund directly, so you do not have to pay out-of-pocket for medication. You should call our claims team to assist you if you have not received your IPS card. If you have received your IPS card and would like to locate a pharmacy near you, refer to the information included in your IPS information package or you can call IPS directly at 866 846.9279 or visit their website at under member access.

Compensation Benefits calculated at two-thirds of your average weekly wage  (AWW) in New York State, subject to statutory maximums, may be payable to you due to replace lost wages due to job-related disablement. Compensation benefits are not paid for the first seven calendar days of the job-related disability, unless the disability extends beyond 14 calendar days.

Death and Survivor Benefits are paid if an injured worker dies from a job-related injury. The surviving spouse and/or minor children and, lacking such, other dependents as defined by law are entitled to death and survivor benefits. Funeral expenses are payable subject to statutory maximums.