General Inquiries

What is The Black Car Fund?

o   The Black Car Fund (BCF) is a not-for-profit Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provider for Black Car and Luxury Limousine drivers who work with The Fund’s affiliated Member Bases.

 What is Workers’ Compensation?

o   Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that can provide you with wage replacement and medical benefits if you are injured while in the course of job-related activities.

o   Workers’ Compensation can cover medical expenses, hospital fees and medication costs related to the injury sustained while on the job.

 What is the legal basis for the establishment of The Black Car Fund?

o   The Black Car Fund was established in 1999 under statute of Article 6-F under executive law for the purpose of providing Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage for Black Car operators in New York. Under the new law, for the purposes of Workers’ Compensation, The Black Car Fund is your employer.

 Where are you located?

o   Our address is 30 Wall Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10005.

 Where is The Black Car Safety and Wellness Center located?

o   Our Safety and Wellness Center is located in Long Island City, Queens. The address is 38-38 Crescent Street, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, New York 11101. 


How can I find out if I am covered?

o   If you are a driver affiliated with any of our Member Bases, then you automatically are covered. You can visit www.nybcf.org/members to check our Member list to see if a base you are affiliated with is a member of The Fund.

 What is the 2.5% surcharge? Who pays it?

 o   The 2.5% surcharge is added to the passenger’s fare, which is then collected by your base and sent to us on a monthly basis, allowing us to provide Workers’ Compensation to you and your fellow base drivers. While the 2.5% surcharge may appear on your paycheck as a deduction, it does not come out of your pay. The 2.5% is paid for by the passenger as a part of their full fare.

 What do I do if I get into an accident?

o   If you get into an accident, you should first call the necessary authorities. You should then contact the base that dispatched you and notify them of the accident. Finally, you should notify us so we will be able to address your claim as quickly as possible.

 What is the BCF Claims App?

o   The BCF Claims App is a free app that allows Black Car and Luxury Limousine drivers affiliated with our Member Bases to quickly report their accidents. Reporting the accident early will notify our Claims Team and make the claims filing process easier for you down the road. You can find the BCF Claims App by searching “BCF Claims” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

 Can I use the BCF Claims App to file a claim?

The App only reports the accident; to formally file a Worker’s Compensation claim, you must speak to a member of our Claims Team. If you reported your accident via the BCF Claims App, a member of our Claims Team will contact you within one business day to complete intake of your claim.

How do I file a claim?

o   To file a claim, you can call us at 212.269.4800 to speak to a member of our Claims Team. Additionally, we recommend notifying us of the incident as soon as possible.

 Do you have translation services available when filing a claim?

o   Yes. We offer language translation services over the phone to help you through the claim filing process.

 What documentation do I need when I make a claim?

o   To file a claim, you will need the following information:

-  Your state DMV and TLC license numbers,

-  Vehicle insurance information,

-  Police and/or medical reports related to the incident, if applicable.

-  Additionally, we require some information from your base, such as View Logs, Vouchers or Reservation       Sheets.

 Will you cover the damages to my car?

o   We are a Workers’ Compensation company only. We do not provide coverage for car damage or any loss of wages due to car damage. You should notify your car insurance carrier to discuss vehicle damage.

 What if I work for more than one company; am I covered for both?

o   You are covered while on the job, working with a Member Base. You are covered for both if both bases are affiliated members. If one is not, you are only covered while on the job with the base affiliated with The Fund.

 What if I get hurt on my way to work before I begin completing calls or am dispatched?

o   Unfortunately, you are not eligible for coverage until you begin to complete dispatched calls from a Member Base.

 What if I’m hurt while not on the job?

o   We are a Workers’ Compensation insurance provider, not a general health insurance provider. We do not cover any injuries sustained while not on the job/working.

What if I’m killed while on the job? Does The Black Car Fund offer any protections for my loved ones?

o   The Black Car Fund offers a $50,000 Driver Death Benefit. If you pass away while on the job, and you are an affiliated driver of a BCF Member Base at the time of occurrence, then your loved ones are eligible to receive a $50,000 check. To read The Black Car Fund's press release about the launch of this new benefit, click here.

How is the $50,000 Driver Death Benefit check disbursed, and who is eligible to receive it?

o   If before passing away, you filed a Last Will and Testament, then most likely, The Black Car Fund will give the check to the administrator of the estate. If you should pass away intestate (without a Last Will and Testament), then The Black Car Fund will ask your surviving relatives to file for an administrator to be appointed in probate court.

If I get into an accident with a passenger in the car and my passenger is injured, are they covered?

o   The Workers’ Compensation coverage afforded to you through The Black Car Fund extends only to you, the driver, while on the job. Your passenger(s) are not covered by

 What benefits are available to me at The Black Car Safety and Wellness Center?

o   You can reduce up to three points on your license, fulfill a TLC requirement, and earn $300 every three years by attending the Black Car Safety Center and defensive driving class. You can learn more by visiting www.nybcf.org/safetycenter.

 Can I get an attorney for my Workers’ Compensation claim?

o   You are entitled to representation by an attorney as you see fit. The Fund does not have a say.

Can you recommend a physician?

o The Fund cannot officially endorse any physician. However, you can find a list of physicians associated with Workers’ Compensation treatment on the Workers’ Compensation Board website (www.wcb.ny.gov). Of course, you can also contact our Claims Team with any questions you may have.

 I got into an accident years ago. Is it too late to report?

o   The coverage afforded for an on-the-job accident varies on a case by case basis. While it is possible that you will not be entitled to certain benefits, we recommend you report your accident anyway to our Claims Team, and they will work to determine if you will be covered.

Member Bases

How do I know if I qualify for membership of The Black Car Fund?

o   If you are a Base that provides for-hire service in NYS that conducts 90% or more of your business on a non-cash basis (through contracts, credit cards, etc.) and owns less than 50% of your affiliated vehicles, by law, you are required to become a Member Base of The Black Car Fund in order to receive Workers’ Compensation coverage for your affiliated drivers. The membership is an application process to ensure that your business meets the criteria of the statute.

 What constitutes “good standing”?

o   As long as monthly payments are up to date and you maintain all requirements for membership with The Black Car Fund, your company is in good standing with The Fund.

 Why is the 2.5% surcharge collected?

o   As a Member Base, you are required to apply a 2.5% surcharge on every trip that originates in the state of New York. This surcharge affords your affiliated drivers Workers’ Compensation benefits.

 How frequently should the surcharge fees be sent to The Black Car Fund?

o   Surcharges must be submitted to The Black Car Fund on a monthly basis.

 If my drivers operate on an hourly wage, do we still qualify for membership with The Black Car Fund?

o   Yes. New York State law does not prohibit wage-based drivers from being afforded Workers’ Compensation benefits from The Black Car Fund, so long as your base is in good standing.

 Are there learning opportunities available for my drivers?

o   We offer an 8-hour Defensive Driving course at our Long Island City Black Car Safety Center that drivers can register for. Drivers are eligible to be paid $300 for attending, once every three years. Drivers who attend and complete the course will receive a $300 check in the mail (to arrive in the mail within 4 weeks) as well as become eligible for a 3-point reduction on their DMV license (point reductions can only occur every 18 months).