Black Car Safety Center

The Black Car Safety Center was created by The Black Car Fund in 2007 to ensure a safer, more professional workforce within the industry. The eight-hour safety course is offered every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, and on selected holiday weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM in Long Island City, NY. It is open to professional drivers affiliated with the member companies of The Black Car Fund.

Every driver is required to attend a State Certified Defensive Driving Course in order to get and maintain his or her New York City Taxi and Limousine operator’s license. The Black Car Safety Center gives drivers an opportunity to fulfill this requirement for free, plus get paid while doing so!

As an affiliated Black Car driver, you are eligible to receive $300 once every three years for taking the course, but can take the course at any time to help reduce points on your license or fulfill your TLC requirement.

Under the recent Vision Zero laws, taking a Defensive Driving Course may make you eligible to reduce up to a maximum of 3 DMV points. If you currently have 6 or more points, you can take the course to get them reduced. It may not help prevent a suspension, but can help fend off losing your TLC license all together.

For more information about TLC’s rules a regulations regarding points and point reduction, visit their website here: NYC TLC Rules, or go to

For more information visit the Black Car Safety Center’s website at, and schedule a class today!